Message from Harold Small, Bailli Délegué des Etats-Unis, Re Grand Chapitre SAN JUAN

Confrérie de la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs

Harold S. Small, J.D., CPA (Inactive), AEP

Bailli Délégué des Etats-Unis

Consul Délégué, Société Mondiale du Vin

Chancelier General, L’Académie de Gastronomie Brillat-Savarin

Membre des Conseils d’Administration et Magistral (Paris), Commandeur

285 Madison Avenue, Madison, New Jersey 07940

Phone: 973.360.9200  Fax: 973.360.9330  Email:


Dear Confrères et Consœurs,

As you know the Bailliage des Etats-Unis is coming to your beautiful island to celebrate our annual Grand Chapître. The last time a Grand Chapître was celebrated in Puerto Rico was in 1972.

Your Baillis, Virgen Acosta de Oben, Jorge Torres and Enrique Umpierre along with the National team and team members in Puerto Rico have put together an amazing program of events and dinners.

I and other members from the U.S. mainland and around the world that will be in attendance would love to meet you. So if you have not signed up for any events as yet please do so. You may follow the instructions in the registration materials (see attachment) or contact either your Bailli or our National Office for assistance. And, if you are attending one of the dinners on October 30 and 31 (one or both), you do not have to pay the registration fee to participate. We do not want you to miss this wonderful opportunity to experience the best of the Chaîne.

I and the rest of your confrères and consœurs look forward to meeting you, dining with you and partying with you.

Vive la Chaîne!


Download Grand Chapitre San Juan registration package: 2015 Grand Chapitre San Juan Registration MaterialsV2s.


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